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3ThoughtThursday – Giving thanks, saving lives, telling our story

It is hard to believe we’re approaching Thanksgiving, here in Canada. For many of us in the Clean Energy Frontier, this weekend will be filled with delicious food and fall colours. We may find ourselves going for a hike (with the family pup!) or lying around with full bellies of food.

Here are this week's three thoughts:

1) Thanksgiving. A time to reflect on our fortunes and express gratitude for what we have here in the Clean Energy Frontier. My family does the 'around the table "What are you thankful for?"' conversation. Each year I hear a common theme: health, safety, access to food and of course, wine.

But there are many families and many people across our region who may not have such easy access to food, or may not have their health. If you’re able to make a donation this Thanksgiving to support those in need, I invite you to check out our local food banks.

You can find a full listing of food banks for Bruce, Grey and Huron counties on the Grey Bruce Huron Strong app. Consider making a donation to your local food bank and make someone’s thanksgiving a little bit brighter.

2) Speaking of making lives better, I was invited to Framatome in Kincardine to learn about their process to harvest Lutetium 177, a medical isotope used to fight prostate cancer.

The presentation was fascinating and the best part was the enthusiasm of the Framatome and Kinectrics employees.

The gentlemen presenting were passionate about their jobs. At one point a guy named Curt from Framatome said to me, “We are saving lives with the work we’re doing.” Whoa.

Back to the production process. Did you know Lutetium 177 has a seven-day lifespan? Seven days from the time the isotope is processed at Bruce Power to the time it reaches a patient’s body. Seven days to get that isotope to the pharmaceutical partner in Germany and then around the world to treat patients.

I’m not sure the residents of Bruce, Grey and Huron region know all these incredible details about the isotope production that happens at Bruce Power. This is a story I can’t wait to keep telling. And, Curt is righthe and his team are saving lives every day with the work they do.

3) Next week is the Economic Development Association of Canada conference. This virtual conference is filled with talented speakers and storytellers, while offering the opportunity to celebrate the incredible work of economic development professionals across Canada.

Chad Richards from NII, John Peevers from Bruce Power and I will be presenting at the conference on October 14, 11 am EST.

We are going to talk about the Clean Energy Frontier, the evolution of the program, the success we’ve had through a public private partnership, the value added to three counties, and share some of our recent findings and projects.

I’m looking forward to telling our story and I’m really looking forward to connecting with my economic development network. It’s not too late to join the conference! See you there.

I’m already gearing up for next week’s blog post. There are a lot of exciting events and announcements coming up. Stay tuned!


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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