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Join us as we work to shape a Canadian nuclear industry that will play a central role in the shift to a low-carbon future. Read on for what's new with NII.


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Green Ribbon Panel unveils new policy recommendations for green economic growth

Report reveals significant progress on majority of Panel recommendations, stresses maintaining momentum key to a decarbonized economy

The new report, titled Preserving progress and maintaining momentum, provides an update on previous recommendations from the economic and environmental leaders that serve as members of the Green Ribbon Panel.


The Panel has advanced seven new policy recommendations in this latest report, including that governments must:

  1. Commit to a carbon-free future that uses a clean energy mix by prioritizing the optimization and extension of existing nuclear, hydroelectric, wind, solar and other clean electricity generation assets, integrating new large-scale energy storage projects to support a decarbonized grid while accelerating projects identified as “no-regret” actions.

  2. Support Indigenous communities and municipal governments by maintaining provincial Indigenous loan guarantee programs and ensuring that the newly announced federal Indigenous Loan Guarantee program is implemented in a timely and effective manner, while also calling for the establishment of capacity funding programs for communities considering clean energy projects within their jurisdictions.   

  3. Accelerate implementation and extending the application of supportive policies like federal investment tax credits (ITC), while also maintaining a supportive policy environment for manufacturers—particularly in the electric vehicle sector.


“The past two years have seen immense progress when it comes to creating the policy conditions needed to advance a clean economy. This report demonstrates just how far we’ve come while acknowledging that we can go even farther—especially when it comes to ensuring the building blocks are in place to support foundational clean energy projects that will serve as the backbone of a future clean economy.”

  • James Scongack, Chair of the Green Ribbon Panel

“Getting the right policies in place have real and measurable benefits—for the 317 Canadians who will be diagnosed with asthma today—and for all of our health. It was the right public policy environment that enabled the province of Ontario to phase out the use of coal in its electricity grid. On World Asthma Day, I’m pleased to see the Green Ribbon Panel continue to advance these recommendations that will help us all breathe a little easier.”  

  • Jeffrey Beach, President & CEO of Asthma Canada

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