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Delivering actionable intelligence from leading-edge researchers focused on fostering a clean and healthy environment.

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Local scientists launch radiation detection instrument into low-Earth orbit—exploring how to keep astronauts safe on future missions to the Moon or even Mars.

Video credit: SpaceX CRX Mission 


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The future of energy

Advancing knowledge and practises in the nuclear industry to help the world transition to a clean energy future.

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The future of health

Accelerating research and advocacy for medical isotopes, from improved cancer diagnoses and treatments to expanded use in food production and industrial safety.

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The future environment

Researching the impact of the nuclear fuel cycle on our water, land and air while also supporting efforts to fight climate change.



Dr. Joanna Wilson

McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario

If carbon emissions aren’t curbed, climate change is coming to our lakes—and we need to think about what’s going to happen to these ecosystems.

Dr. Andrei Hanu

McMaster University 

Port Elgin, Ontario

We’re training Canada’s diverse next generation of aerospace workers... our team members could be the next woman and man who land on the Moon.

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Dr. T.C. Tai

Northern Ontario School of Medicine 

Sudbury, Ontario

Radiation has many applications in fields that are beneficial to human well-being, such as energy, agriculture, mining, and space exploration.




Questions about the projects we’re working on? Reach out and let’s talk.

Stephanie Keating
Director, Environment@NII

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