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New directions. No limits.

SEPT 9 - 11, 2022 | SOUTHAMPTON, ON

To swerve is to change direction. Often suddenly.

It’s a shift to get around the big obstacles that stand in our way.

A swerve is a conscious act of innovation and it’s what the world needs now. From how we use energy to how we produce food, from the way we make things to how we get around, the world is coming up against barriers that require us to swerve before we run out of road.



That’s the spirit you’ll find at SWERVE, a free public festival that will immerse you in the new ideas and technologies that can help us shape the future we want.

Hosted by the Nuclear Innovation Institute, SWERVE will offer a hands-on experience—for kids and adults—with the sensors and automation that are revolutionizing farming, the 3D printing techniques remaking manufacturing, and the digital tools that are changing everything from energy to health care.

Over three days this September, SWERVE will bring the frontiers of science and technology to Bruce, Grey, and Huron counties, allowing us all to imagine the possibilities that can put us on the path to a better future.


SWERVE will be an immersive experience held in an arena venue designed to deliver a futuristic feel. It will be accompanied by a "future of driving" showcase held outdoors. The event will be anchored by thematic spaces reflecting our region's history, complemented by programmed events.

Interactive exhibits and videos that let people discover and engage with new technologies – from 3D printing to robotics – to see how they are changing agriculture, manufacturing, energy, health and space exploration.

An exhibition of future mobile technology, from personal mobility to EVs, batteries and virtual reality opportunities.

Kids won't want to leave the NII ExploreZone for STEM challenges and immersive experiences, featuring robots, e-sports, a maker space and a host of hands-on science experiments.

Talks and workshops from special guests that provoke fresh thinking.


The 2022 SWERVE festival offers sponsors  an opportunity to associate your brand with a host of  emerging technologies that can stimulate new thinking on how to build better lives, stronger communities and a healthier planet.

Sponsorship of SWERVE means being part of a high-impact event in a dynamic, growing part of Ontario, and declares that the spirit of positive change doesn’t stop at big city limits but lives amongst us all.

Sponsors will have branding opportunities in the event space, on materials and on related special event programming.

Don't miss your opportunity! Reach out to events@nii.ca.



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