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Flip a light switch. Plug in your phone. For decades, nuclear generating stations across Canada have been safely, reliably and affordably decarbonizing our economies.  

This quiet contribution has largely gone unrecognized, but the truth is unmistakable: nuclear is the technology making the greatest contribution to our decarbonization efforts now.  

Now also is the time to recognize the vital contribution of nuclear power to reaching net zero—and the continued role it will need to play to keep our climate goals within reach.  

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Powering Canada's clean energy future today...and tomorrow too.

Powering Canada's clean energy future today
What does pre-development work look like?
Why start work for new nuclear now?
How else do we power Ontario?

Who's powering Ontario                  ?


Gridwatch displays where electricity is generated in Ontario and when the grid is clean. The IESO provides hourly updates on generation, emissions intensity, and other metrics based on plant-by-plant  generation data.


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