The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a platform for accelerating the pace of innovation in the nuclear industry.

Nuclear energy is a powerful force for decarbonization. It creates good jobs, drives economic growth and produces radioisotopes that are used - among other benefits - for cancer detection and therapies that save lives in Canada and around the world. The Institute is founded on the belief that the industry can enhance these vital contributions by adopting a structured approach to fostering innovation.

NII’s goal is to shape a Canadian nuclear industry that embraces new thinking, new technologies and new lines of business that play a central role in the global shift to a low-carbon future.


We are entering a new energy era.


Reliable, affordable energy is the oxygen of human development. For more than two centuries we have burned fossil fuels to harness the power that enables the vast prosperity and comforts of our modern world.


But extracting and burning energy sources that had lain dormant for millions of years came with a cost: a rapid, dangerous rise in carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide into the earth’s atmosphere. These heat-trapping gases are dramatically altering the climate systems that sustain human life and modern societies.


Finding our way to a clean energy future is perhaps the greatest test of our generation.


Nuclear power plays an indispensable role in this shift. Nuclear power is:


  • A clean, safe source of power, emitting none of the greenhouse gases that heat the planet.

  • Delivers consistent power at the scale and concentration demanded by an urbanizing, energy-thirsty world.

  • Has an energy intensity that carries a low demand on land use.


Furthermore, the by-products of nuclear fission can be used to detect and treat cancer, and deliver other benefits to public health.


But to achieve its full potential, the nuclear industry must continually improve the way it works. Innovation is the key to progress.



To play its full role in building a low-carbon economy the nuclear industry must:


  • explore new technologies and platforms to improve electricity production and delivery, and to enhance worker and public safety.

  • find ways to further reduce the environmental footprint of its energy lifecycle, from raw material extraction to the light switch.

  • find new applications in medicine and public health for the radioisotopes that are vital in treating cancer.


Bruce Wallace
President & CEO

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Dr. Eric Johnston
Chief Innovation Officer

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Stellina Williams
Executive Director

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Phillip Craig
Director, NII Explore

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Sarah Rozee
Manager of Marketing 
Executive Administration

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