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The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) is an independent, not-for-profit organization with a unique role as a connector, industry voice and project manager.


All of us, innovators.

Innovation doesn't mean inventing the latest widget—instead, it's something that happens throughout our organization.


In public policy. Workforce development. STEM education. Industry projects. Community engagement. And this work is driving the nuclear industry forward in unique ways, making connections both across the sector and beyond.



A Canadian landscape that celebrates an innovative nuclear industry as an integral part of the clean energy future.

To drive an innovative nuclear voice, skill development and industry advancement to support members and encourage collaborative engagement with communities, industries and governments.



Nuclear energy is a powerful force for decarbonization. It produces the carbon-free electricity we all depend on, creates good jobs, drives economic growth and produces radioisotopes that are used—among other benefits—for cancer detection and therapies that save lives in Canada and around the world. 

Learn how NII is contributing to a clean energy future in these areas and many others.

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