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Everyone has a role to play in a net-zero future. 

Increasingly, industry and governments are committing to net zero targets, employing different tools and strategies to get there. Community-driven decarbonization projects. Collaborative approaches with other sectors. Nuclear energy as a catalyst and enabler of a net-zero carbon economy.

The Bruce Power Centre for New Nuclear & Net Zero Partnerships will advance the connection between the fundamental role of nuclear—both existing and new installations—and Canada’s pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, demonstrating that there is no viable path to a net zero future without nuclear power.

The Centre will strengthen this connection by:

  • developing and managing regional and community-driven decarbonization projects through Bruce Power’s Carbon Offset Coalition;

  • raising awareness and leading original research to support the case for new nuclear builds, from small modular reactors to large-scale facilities; and

  • forging ties between nuclear and other clean energy sectors, from hydrogen to renewables and fusion energy.


“Nuclear is a big tent—with the ability to gather vastly different groups and technologies together and enable a multilayered push towards a net-zero future.”

--Bruce Wallace, NII President and CEO

How nuclear energy & electrification can power the future of steel

What does becoming net zero actually mean? And how do different strategies help get us there? Take a moment to do the math on net zero with NII.

We’re driving community-based initiatives that will help us achieve our goals in the fight against climate change while also building up the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in a net-zero future.

Through a partnership with the Nuclear Innovation Institute, Bruce Power’s Carbon Offset Coalition will fund the development of carbon offset projects in our local communities. 

Learn more about these projects and how to get involved at


Questions about net zero, new nuclear or local  decarbonization initiatives? Reach out!

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Chad Richards
Director, Policy and Partnerships

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