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3ThoughtThursday – learnings from the Frontier

As the Director for the Clean Energy Frontier program, I have the privilege to build off the tremendous work done by my colleague Chad Richards and the Clean Energy Frontier Steering Committee. I’ve spent my first two weeks reading, asking questions, listening, and asking more questions. I’m grateful to be part of the collaborative team which makes up the Nuclear Innovation Institute.

So, with this in mind, I’m going to focus this week’s 3ThoughtThursday as a place to share some of my learnings as the ‘newbie’ to the team.

1. Bruce Power’s Centre for Next Generation Nuclear is no joke. I’m wildly impressed by the work this powerhouse team are doing. Shout out to my colleagues David Campbell, Director, Centre for Next Generation Nuclear, and Susie Ho, Senior Advisor to the Centre. The Clean Energy Frontier program and the Centre for Next Generation Nuclear have a wonderful opportunity to attract clean energy investment to the region and support new technology as they consider calling Bruce, Grey, Huron home.

Susie wrote a blog post this spring as a reflection to a report by SNC-Lavalin providing an analysis of the current state of energy in Canada. The SNC-Lavalin report provides details the immediate actions needed for the country to achieve net zero. In addition to appreciating Susie’s humour and approachable personality, I appreciated reading her reflection and sharing data in an easy-to-read and understand piece. Check it out.

2. The nuclear sector is going to play a huge role in economic recovery for the province. I mean, I know this and you might know this, but does everyone? Do other regions in Ontario understand the economic impact of the nuclear sector? The Clean Energy Frontier is telling this story far and wide.

This afternoon (July 15), Bruce Power is hosting an event in partnership with BWXT and the Honorable Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. The event, titled “Powering Ontario Forward: Recharging the Economy” will offer an in-depth discussion on the role Bruce Power and Ontario's nuclear industry with regards to economic recovery. I am looking forward to this discussion and the work to follow.

The economic spinoff from Bruce Power supports the economy much further than the Frontier region of Bruce, Grey and Huron.

3. Prior to arriving to my role at NII, the Clean Energy Frontier had released the Plugging In: Preparing for the Electric Vehicle future report. Like many others, I’m super impressed by the report and the data included is valuable as municipalities consider how to best welcome and support EV drivers.

Starting next month, my colleague Chad Richards and I will be making delegations to Bruce, Grey and Huron County Councils to talk about the report and what this data means to the Frontier region.


From a tourism perspective, the data tells us it is time to start planning. We have an opportunity to work collaboratively to understand desired routes, desired charging options and time to attract granting dollars to support this infrastructure. Funding is available, and the NII is ready to support coordination and collaboration to prepare for the electric vehicle future.

How’s that for my first 3ThoughtThursday? I can tell you there are many, many more thoughts than three rolling around. But for now, I’m getting back to asking all the questions.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier program.


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