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From learning more about water cycles to using the sun's rays to make a delicious treat, Grade 6 is energized and ready to explore!

Builders Bonanza

paper airplanes 1.jpg

Paper Airplanes

Curriculum reference: Flight, Space

balloon rocket 3.png

Balloon Rocket

Curriculum reference: Flight

The Great Outdoors

kite 3.jpg

Flying Kites

Curriculum reference: Movement, Air and Water in the Environment

egg drop 1-1.png

Egg Drop

Curriculum reference: Flight

Random Acts of Scienceness

Marshmallow popper 2.jpg

Marshmallow Poppers

Curriculum reference: Flight

water cycle 4.png

Water Cycle in a Bag

Curriculum reference: Biodiversity

solar oven 2-2.png

Solar Oven

Curriculum reference: Properties of and Changes in Matter
Conservation of Energy and Resources 


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The NII Explore Coding in the Classroom program helps students learn foundational skills like coding, which are critical to working in a digital economy. Learn more at

NII will consider partnerships with the following entities to deliver programming:  accredited academic institutions; private sector companies with expertise in education; philanthropic foundations; indigenous communities; and individuals with particular experience in educational programming.


If you are interested in partnering with NII on educational programs, contact for more information.

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