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The NII Explore Coding in the Classroom program helps students learn foundational skills like coding, which are critical to working in a digital economy. 


Classes are designed to complement grade 2-8 curriculum goals like patterns, problem-solving and early literacy. In this way, sessions are relatable and cohesive to what students are already learning in class.  


This is a new way of learning that will help students broaden their range and give them the confidence to try something different!



Learn the basics of coding, game design, and robotics in a fun and interactive environment. No prior coding experience is required.


Other topics offered:

  • Scratch: Become a digital story-teller! Scratch teaches even the youngest students how to create stories, games and animation through computer coding.  

  • Python: This is a widely used, general purpose programming language that uses words to help you code in less time, with fewer lines of code. Python has support for turtle graphics and other modules that make coding fun and colourful.



Thank you for providing great quality courses, engaging instructors and content – and all for free to the user! I have recommended your courses to many people – I can't say enough good things about the program!

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It’s amazing to see my kid learning to do something fun, and educational as well.


Want to learn more about NII Explore programs and how we're educating future generations of innovators, entrepreneurs and skilled trades workers?

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Phillip Craig
Director, NII Explore

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