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Promoting action that reduces the impact of the nuclear fuel cycle on our water, land and air, and supports community efforts to fight climate change and take better care of our natural environment.

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Nuclear fission is one of the cleanest ways to generate energy on earth. But like every energy source, turning atoms into electricity leaves a footprint on our environment.


NII works to lighten that impact.


We are committed to improving the beneficial environmental effects of nuclear throughout the full life cycle of energy generation. That means using new technologies and knowledge to tackle challenges from uranium extraction to managing nuclear waste.


And we will work with our communities on projects that reduce other carbon-drivers of climate change, and that help us take better care of our region’s natural ecology.


Conducts research on the local impact of nuclear energy generation on our air, water and land.

Supports projects that can mitigate other drivers of climate change, from agriculture to transportation.

Facilitates connections to technologies and traditional knowledge that improve our ability to care for our natural environment.

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