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Susie Ho is the former Senior Advisor with the Nuclear Innovation Institute.

Read her archived blog posts, below.


Sep 22, 20224 min
The world’s first (but hopefully not last) nuclear influencer
Her TikTok videos and digital content are clearly aimed for an audience that most nuclear spokespeople are currently not communicating to.
Dec 13, 20213 min
The road ahead: the future of SMRs in Canada
The entire room, which represented the international nuclear industry, was celebrating the next step on the path to new nuclear.
Dec 2, 20212 min
Celebrating World Nuclear Energy Day with the promise of a nuclear renaissance
Today I am proud to stand alongside of my fellow Canadian nuclear industry colleagues and celebrate this day at the World Nuclear Exhibition
Nov 17, 20212 min
Germans warm up to nuclear
In Germany, many people will also be stocking up on food supplies and candles—but not in preparation of the holiday season.
Nov 2, 20215 min
What does success at COP26 look like for nuclear?
The industry has a real opportunity to change the channel and show the crucial role it will play in decarbonizing the global economy.
Sep 24, 20214 min
History in the making: inside Canada's first-ever grid-scale SMR project
A historic decision is about to be announced this fall—which everybody, not just folks from the nuclear industry—should be watching out for.
Sep 2, 20214 min
What we can learn from Illinois’ recent clean energy success
This week the Illinois Senate passed a sweeping clean energy bill that should help prevent two nuclear plants in the state from closing.
Aug 19, 20214 min
Silenced at COP26—here's what nuclear can do next
Perhaps it’s too late to change the decision that was made at COP26. But it’s just one conference, and there will be others.
Aug 12, 20216 min
The power of fusion: an interview with General Fusion’s Jay Brister
It’s been an exciting summer for Vancouver-based General Fusion. So I recently sat down with the company's Jay Brister to learn more.
Jun 30, 20213 min
Continuing the conversation on supporting Indigenous communities
Terri-Lynn Woods of OCNI shares how projects like these impact both Indigenous communities and the energy sector.
May 26, 20214 min
Getting to net zero: a comprehensive roadmap by the IEA
The IEA has established a clear set of milestones needed to achieve net-zero by 2050—ambitious, no doubt, but achievable.
May 10, 20214 min
The future of Canada’s medical isotopes ecosystem
Dr. Karin Stephenson is one of the trailblazers driving innovation to ensure the success of the medical isotopes industry here in Canada.
May 7, 20213 min
Mothers for Nuclear on how we protect the planet for our children
This Sunday, as we celebrate all moms, I hope that you will also join me in making a commitment to protect this planet too.
May 3, 20214 min
Lessons from a hydrogen leader: California
Home to more than just palm trees and box office movies, the Golden State has led the way on progressive climate policies.
Apr 9, 20214 min
The world needs change: let's start with nuclear
Despite many hardships, my parents carved out a good life for themselves and our family. But now, that good life is being threatened.
Apr 6, 20213 min
Learning from industry leaders on how to get to net zero
SNC-Lavalin released a report last month titled “Engineering Net Zero,” which provides an analysis of the current state of energy in...
Mar 17, 20214 min
Lessons from a hydrogen leader: Sweden
This is the third in our series exploring national hydrogen best practices from other jurisdictions. My colleague David had previously...
Mar 10, 20213 min
Canada’s medical isotopes story 2.0
People can recall with surprising detail where they were when major events took place: Neil Armstrong taking that one small step, 9/11,...
Mar 8, 20214 min
International Women's Day: changing the world together
Today is International Women’s Day, a day where we celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias, and take action for...
Feb 26, 20214 min
The diverse energy economy that we need: reflections on Black History Month
As Black History Month comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight on how Black people's contributions, ingenuity...
Feb 18, 20214 min
Charting a clean path for the airline industry
According to Gates, the answer to decarbonizing the aviation industry has to be adopting "a fuel that doesn’t cost much extra..."
Feb 12, 20214 min
A nuclear advocacy starter kit: the perfect Valentine’s Day gift
Are you celebrating Valentine’s this weekend with that special someone? Are you still looking for that perfect gift? Why not give them...
Feb 11, 20214 min
Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Changing the narrative and smashing stereotypes for a brighter future (photo credit: Daria Koshkina) Today we are celebrating the...

Susie Ho

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