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Accelerating research and advocacy for radioisotopes, from improved cancer diagnoses and treatments, to expanded use in environmental protection, food production and industrial safety.

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Millions of people in Canada and around the world depend on a safe, secure supply of radioisotopes.   


Isotopes are an essential component of nuclear medicine, allowing doctors to locate and diagnose cancer and other illnesses. Applied with targeted precision, radiation therapies can control or even eliminate a host of cancers, from thyroid to breast, prostate and brain. And they can provide pain relief to patients in palliative care.


Meanwhile isotopes continue to expand their use, from sterilizing hospital equipment to controlling disease-carrying insects, testing the safety of roadways and industrial equipment and improving food safety.


Canada produces about 30% of the global supply in isotopes, with a domestic industry expected to double in value to over $1 billion by 2023.


We solicit and generate ideas for innovative new uses of medical isotopes that improve patient outcomes and public health.

We convene and connect companies, researchers and new technology providers so we can turn ideas into improvements in the global supply of isotopes.

We research the effects of low-dose radiation on people and the environment to ensure the safe application of isotopes.

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