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3ThoughtThursday – Ontario Pumped Storage, new children's book, snow safety

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

It’s a beautiful snowy morning in Port Elgin and the team at the NII has been throwing around ideas for holiday décor.

If you have been to our space, you’ll know our facility has bright future, big windows and most recently, some indoor plants—however, I don’t imagine the small, office-friendly plants would be able to withstand lights and ornaments!

1) The Clean Energy Frontier Program had a chance to meet with TC Energy to discuss the Ontario Pumped Storage project in the municipality of Meaford. The TC Energy crew walked me through an informative presentation of the project and in less than 20 minutes I started to understand how this storage project will support energy demand in the future.

In addition to learning, I shared how our commitment to clean energy and our ability to support and leverage the clean energy sector in the Bruce, Grey and Huron region.

Did you know the pump storage project in the municipality of Meaford would employ 1,000 people during the construction phase? And, based on community engagement, the project has undergone a significant re-design to enhance protection for the local environment, fish and Georgian Bay.

This project will support the local economy, create a source of clean energy, and protect our environment—what could possibly be better?

2) It’s not every day your colleague writes a book. Have you heard about Phillip Craig’s latest achievement?

Passing Gas: How Clean Energy Makes the World Less Smelly has recently been published in partnership with North American Young Generation in Nuclear. Phillip continues to make the team proud!

This silly story of toots is making headlines. Although, there is nothing silly about it—it’s a perfect story to engage children and to teach the next generation what clean energy looks like.

Net zero needs nuclear. We need to cut emissions and find clean sources of energy.

Let the fluffy yellow ducks—the book's main characters—guide you through clean energy options such as nuclear, wind and solar.

A must-read for all of the young people in our lives. Not to mention, it’s a guaranteed giggle fest. Add this to your holiday gift list!

You can purchase the books at cost or download a free PDF by visiting

3) The snow is starting. I opened this blog with snow and I’ll close it with snow. Third thought on Three Thought Thursday is about snow and safety.

  • Snow tires – don’t have them? Get them. Don’t have them on your vehicle? It’s time to make an appointment.

  • Slippery sidewalks – watch your step. Yesterday on an early morning walk I nearly bailed on the sidewalk. It was a good reminder to slow down and watch our steps.

  • Slow down – be mindful of vehicle speed in snowy and slippery conditions. Speed is a factor in many collisions, and when there is a light layer of snow and ice, things become much more dangerous.

Is it time to unpack the snow pants? Maybe. We’ll see what the next few days bring.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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