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3ThoughtThursday – Bruce County ec dev, Clean Tech Export Week, empathy in leadership

The sun is trying to shine on what seems like another rainy fall day. Having said this, we have seen some beautiful days in the past couple of weeks and before we know it the snow will be flying in Bruce County.

1) Speaking of Bruce County, the County’s economic development team stopped in on Wednesday for a tour of NII and to gain a better understanding of our programs and services. I am always so excited to show off our space and talk about who we are as an organization.

NII’s culture of collaboration, creativity and kindness really shines through when we host groups like this.

To the EDOs, Business Development staff and people leaders who joined us, thanks for taking the time to learn about our organization and how our team does business.

2) Export Development Canada has been catching my eye on LinkedIn. With videos and stories of leveraging resources to achieve business goals, I am curious to learn more on behalf of the clean energy sector.

Clean Tech Export Week is happening next week. If you’re in the clean tech space, supporting clean energy initiatives, and are considering expansion and/or export, this session could be for you. Click here to learn more.

3) As professionals, managing time and energy needs to be a conscious choice. I’ve recently spoken with friends and colleagues who explain their jam-packed calendars, their overwhelming need to ‘catch up on work’ and often find themselves working evenings and weekends to feel even the slightest bit caught up. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been there, and it isn’t healthy.

There is something to be said about giving yourself time and space to think, reflect and plan for action. Being thoughtful is a skill and it’s a skill that takes conscious effort for some.

Additionally, we know that when we spend the time to be thoughtful and preventative, things don’t seem to catch on fire (become urgent...) as often.

There will be urgent priorities, there will be errors to correct, there will be times of “you’ve got to be kidding me” but if we create and promote an environment and corporate culture that allows for time and space, we can amplify our proactive and strategic thought.

Burnout is a real deal. Take care of yourself and your colleagues as we continue to endure the pandemic.

Empathy goes a long way. Check this out to learn more about the power of empathy in leadership.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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