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Winning Mission to Mars Team Aquila reunites at NII

We welcomed NII Explore Mission to Mars winning Team Aquila to the Nuclear Innovation Institute yesterday for a tour, some pizza and a chat with space experts Dr. Eric Johnston and Dr. Andrei Hanu.

During the school year, team members Matthew Andresen, Michael James Inglis, Teagan Penner, Sophie Penner and Sarah Inglis attend classes at the Virtual Learning Centre, a remote secondary school for students across Ontario. Getting together this summer in Bruce County, the team was eager to visit NII in person.

The students reminisced with Director of NII Explore Phillip Craig about the successes and challenges from the Spring Break competition on how humans can create a livable habitat on Mars, while asking mentors Eric and Andrei about their latest collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

We hope to see these students again—either virtually or in person—as NII Explore continues to bring fun and engaging STEM education to students of all ages!


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