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We went (virtually) to Mars!

This five-day event was like none other in Bruce, Grey, and Huron counties. Teams of five high school students from this region worked with a roster of scientists from the Canadian Space Agency, Bruce Power, and a former NASA researcher on how humans can create a livable habitat on Mars.

During the week-long competition sponsored by Bruce Power, topics focused on survivability and sustainability, resource development and management, and astronaut mental health and well-being.

The winning Team Aquila was made up of: Matthew Andresen, Michael James Inglis, Teagan Penner, Sophie Penner, Sarah Inglis, who each took home $500 from Bruce Power to be used towards post-secondary education.

From a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at team strategizing and collaboration to their winning presentations, let's take a look back at the competition!

And if you want to re-watch the excitement of the grand finale, catch the action on our Facebook live event here.

Highlights from the week

Mission to Mars student competitors ask away with thought-provoking questions about space travel, life on Mars, and beyond.

Get to know the finalists: Team Aquila

Get to know the finalists: Team Hercules V

Get to know the finalists: Team AE2

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