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Ontario’s electricity future needs nuclear: October Nuclear Intelligence Report

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

As the world meets in Glasgow for COP26, this month’s Intelligence Report tackles a timely question: what is the role of nuclear power in getting to net zero emissions?

We conducted modelling of Ontario’s electricity future, exploring the different paths to net zero. We found that:

  • A massive increase in electricity generation is needed for Ontario to reach its climate goals. New nuclear power would help ensure this transition is affordable and successful.

  • By deploying 9,000 MW of new nuclear in the 2040s—effectively doubling the size of our nuclear fleet—Ontario could reduce the cost of electricity buildout by 10% while helping get to net-zero emissions.

  • Ontario’s refurbished fleet of nuclear reactors is crucial to keeping our grid clean, safe, and reliable.

  • Deploying new generation in time to meet our climate goals requires that planning starts now.

The model projects that to reduce emissions and keep prices low, Ontario should plan for one or more large-scale nuclear plants.
You can read the full October report here.

The Centre’s Nuclear Intelligence Reports explore different aspects of the role nuclear will play in a net-zero world. Keep an eye out for our next edition in November.


Written by David Campbell, former Director at the Nuclear Innovation Institute.


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