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David Campbell is a former Director at the Nuclear Innovation Institute.

Read his archived blog posts, below.


Oct 29, 20211 min
Ontario’s electricity future needs nuclear: October Nuclear Intelligence Report
This month’s Intelligence Report tackles a timely question: what is the role of nuclear power in getting to net zero emissions?
Sep 13, 20211 min
Why hydrogen needs nuclear: September Nuclear Intelligence Report
This month’s Nuclear Intelligence Report studies the electricity demands of Canada’s hydrogen future and how we might meet them.
Jul 29, 20213 min
New research finds Canada at risk of losing jobs in clean energy transition
Despite a positive balance of job growth worldwide, research shows the ledger is negative in countries with significant fossil fuel sectors.
Jun 21, 20211 min
Exploring SMR readiness in Africa: June Nuclear Intelligence Report
We look at the state of nuclear readiness in Africa as well as an Indigenous partnership for SMR investment in Saskatchewan
May 19, 20214 min
3 challenges for nuclear hydrogen production
Chatting with global colleagues, I was struck by how nuclear operators are dealing with a few common challenges around hydrogen deployment.
May 18, 20211 min
US plant closures and Canadian SMR developments: May Nuclear Intelligence Report
In this edition, we explore the impact of plant closures in the US, reveal the path to deployment for SMRs in Canada, and recap Budget 2021.
Apr 14, 20212 min
New feasibility study details made-in-Canada path forward on SMRs
This study is a clear signal that Canada’s biggest nuclear operators are beginning to develop a more concrete plan forward.
Apr 14, 20211 min
Introducing the Centre’s new monthly Nuclear Intelligence Report
Today we released the first edition of our new Nuclear Intelligence Report, exploring the latest news and updates in the nuclear industry.
Mar 29, 20213 min
The path to SMRs: Canada's leadership, industry diversity, and securing fuel supply
The focus on Canada speaks to the leadership role that our domestic industry plays, influencing not only our American neighbours...
Mar 12, 20215 min
A crucial time for hydrogen development: Phil De Luna on cleantech in Canada
Hydrogen is a key fuel on the path to net zero, with the potential to reduce emissions in some of the most difficult-to-decarbonize...
Mar 5, 20214 min
Phil De Luna on climate change and the path to net zero
Do you know Phil De Luna? If you don’t already, you should. Phil is one of Canada’s leaders on the path to net zero—he’s the Director of...
Feb 24, 20214 min
Lessons from a hydrogen leader: Australia
This is the second in a series exploring national hydrogen strategies from around the globe. For the first in the series, see our...
Feb 22, 20212 min
Lessons from the Texas outage
In the midst of an unusual and devastating winter storm, as many as four million households in Texas had lost power by last Tuesday....
Feb 19, 20215 min
Lessons from a hydrogen leader: Japan
Global leaders series explores national hydrogen strategies around the world Excitement around hydrogen is growing fast in Canada. The...
Feb 8, 20213 min
Reflections of an energy boomerang
From David Campbell, Director of the Bruce Power Centre for Next Generation Nuclear Joining the Centre for Next Generation Nuclear has...

David Campbell

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