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NII Explore introduces lesson plans to support virtual and in-class STEM learning

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Elementary school-aged lessons free for download

With Ontario’s changing mix of remote and in-person learning this winter, the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) has launched a full catalogue of free STEM lesson plans to support teachers and homeschooling caregivers.

Focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) topics, the lessons align with curriculum goals for grades two to eight. Each lesson is complete with learning goals, step-by-step instructions, and video components from NII Explore staff—and can be delivered remotely as well as during in-class instruction.

“These lessons explore the idea that science is everywhere,” said Phillip Craig, Director of NII Explore.

“As a teacher myself—and virtual camp director of NII’s Best Ever Summer Camp in 2020, which was delivered entirely remotely—I recognize the challenge of keeping students engaged during online instruction.”

Phillip added: “These lessons help introduce students to science topics using materials found in their own homes, which allows children’s natural curiosity to be the main motivator for learning.”

Some of the lesson plans available include:

  • Investigating movement and force with popsicle stick catapults

  • Recognizing patterns and sequencing with Morse Code necklaces

  • Observing local wildlife with juice carton birdfeeders

  • Exploring properties of liquids and solids with homemade lava lamps

“The STEM skills students learn early in life will shape the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and everyone who needs the tools to succeed in the 21st century world,” said Bruce Wallace, NII’s President and CEO. “NII is proud to offer these lessons to local rural teachers in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties as well as to educators across the province.”

Parents and educators can browse and download the lessons by visiting and join the conversation by tagging @NIIExplore in their Instagram posts showcasing their young learners in action!

For questions about the lessons, please reach out to NII Explore staff at

NII Explore is a program dedicated to delivering enhanced educational opportunities for school-aged children to learn, experiment, discover and create. NII Explore’s educational programming offers a range of learning styles that connects students to the best teaching and knowledge available.


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