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Laveer Engineering establishes local presence in Huron County

Laveer Engineering has secured a 10,000 square ft. facility in Wingham, ON to support ongoing work with Bruce Power

Laveer Engineering, an innovative provider of custom tooling and automation solutions based in Burlington, ON, has secured a 10,000 square-foot facility in Wingham, ON. The local facility in the Clean Energy Frontier region (Bruce, Grey, Huron) will support the ongoing work that the company is engaged in with Bruce Power.

“We are proud to welcome Laveer Engineering to Bruce, Grey and Huron Counties to be part of Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO of Bruce Power. “Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we continue to grow in our area and throughout the province supporting hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses while creating 22,000 direct and indirect jobs. The addition of Laveer Engineering is great news for Wingham, for Huron County, and adds to the strength our regional ‘energy cluster’ of nuclear supply chain companies in the tri-county region.”

Operations at the local facility began in January of 2021. Currently, the facility is being used to store equipment and over the course of the year will see the company begin advanced engineering and testing work as well as life cycle management activities on stored equipment. This work will be conducted by a team of project managers, engineers, and technologists.

“Laveer is excited to be part of the Clean Energy Frontier region. Having a base of operation in Wingham allows us to service Bruce Power more efficiently while supporting the local economy. Being present is critical to our business and has already proved to be valuable. During our recent Major Component Replacement double fuel channel removal activities, we were able to quickly access the equipment needed to ensure work could continue efficiently,” said Peter Gowthorpe, Director, Laveer Engineering.

Already, the facility is supporting other local businesses and services like forklift rentals, trucking services, snow removal and more. Laveer expects to draw on even more local services as they grow and renovate this local facility. This is in addition to a long history of community investments made by the company to support local causes such as the Gran Fondo Charity Ride in support of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital.

“It is great to see yet another clean energy company join the movement and establish a presence locally in our region,” said the Hon. Lisa Thompson, Member of Provincial Parliament for Huron-Bruce. “With an already impressive regional network of clean energy supply chain companies operating locally, the addition of Laveer Engineering further stakes our claim as Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Laveer Engineering to Huron County and looking forward to seeing this innovative company become a great addition to our community,” said Glen McNeil, Warden of Huron County. “Here in Huron County, we are forward-looking and proud to be part of Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier. The addition of Laveer to the outstanding collection of companies operating across the region is truly great news.”


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