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In conversation: Huron County and the Clean Energy Frontier

“This clean energy frontier will be good for all of us in this area and in the world moving forward.”

That is what Glen McNeil, Warden of Huron County, had to say about how the Clean Energy Frontier program will position Bruce, Grey and Huron as clean energy leaders in the world.

Recently, the Clean Energy Frontier program announced that it has received the endorsement of the County Councils in Bruce, Grey and Huron. To continue the dialogue with our municipal partners, Chad Richards, Director of the Clean Energy Frontier program, recently sat down (virtually) with the Wardens talk more about clean energy and Bruce, Grey, Huron.

Here is the full conversation with Warden McNeil:

Conversation highlights:

CR: What is Huron County doing in this space and why are things like net zero and climate change important to your municipality?

GM: Well thank you very much for the opportunity, Chad, and without a doubt I think that most people would understand and agree that municipal government is closest to the people.

So, if we want change, this is where it starts. And, if we have a desire to improve our environment for future generations, it has to start at the municipal level. We in Huron County are very supportive of the initiative for zero emissions going forward and we have to start somewhere. And we’re more than happy to partner with Bruce Power and specifically Clean Energy Frontier in this initiative.

CR: What are the advantages to working together across municipal borders?

GM: I believe that we accomplish a lot more when we communicate collaboratively and come up with the best concepts for the future. If we want to go fast, you go alone, if you want to go far, you go together. And we’re all in this together for future generations.

CR: What does a Clean Energy Frontier mean to you?

GM: I would suggest that it would mean a better future going forward. The decisions we make today, I would suggest, in the municipal sector and as municipal leaders or Wardens, we don’t make those initiatives for today, we make it for the future and future generations. For our children and more specifically our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What we do today will have a far reaching-effect. And, I’m all about looking forward and leaving our planet and this area in better shape than when we came.

CR: What should people be talking about when it comes to the Clean Energy Frontier?

GM: I would suggest to you in a simple word: Leadership. Leadership, innovation and leveraging the opportunities that we have so that we can collaboratively make the best decisions for the future.

We have a wonderful area in Huron, Bruce, Grey and we are so appreciative of Bruce Power and the initiatives to make our area better. I’m all about leadership and we will be looked at, in this area, from other areas as displaying just that.


Chad Richards is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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