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A native of Chesley, Ontario, Chad has been a longtime advocate for Bruce, Grey and Huron. With nearly eight years of experience on Parliament Hill with the Member of Parliament for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, combined with time at Queen’s Park with the Associate Minister of Energy and MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, Chad has built his career around advocating for local communities.

When he isn’t writing or talking about clean energy in the region, you can find him hanging out with his fiancée, Samantha, and his Australian Shepherd, Ginny, or watching his beloved Ottawa Senators.


Dec 18, 20233 min
Nuclear Wrapped: top 5 developments for nuclear in 2023
2023 was a big year for nuclear in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world! We’ve compiled a list of highlights that topped our list.
Dec 13, 20233 min
COP 28: what happened and what we are watching now
Going into COP28, we were looking for nuclear to play a prominent role—and we certainly were not disappointed.
Nov 30, 20235 min
COP 28: what you need to know
Here’s what you need to know about COP28 and a little bit about the topics that we’ll be following over the next two weeks.
Mar 29, 20232 min
Budget by the numbers: Canada's 2023 federal budget
Budget 2023 may have mentioned nuclear about the same number of times as in 2022 but this year was different.
Feb 27, 20234 min
Why made-in-Canada nuclear helps me sleep at night
Nuclear power in Canada makes me hopeful we can fight the effects of climate change, building a safer future for our families.
Feb 27, 20233 min
Always-on, always-clean: flip the switch to nuclear
Across Ontario, nuclear and hydroelectric do the heavy lifting when it comes to providing steady, reliable sources of clean baseload power.
Dec 19, 20225 min
What AI thinks about nuclear: A conversation with OpenAI’s ChatGPT
Is achieving net zero possible without nuclear? And what would the lyrics of a Taylor Swift song about nuclear sound like?
Dec 1, 20223 min
A Canadian chain reaction: celebrating World Nuclear Energy Day
We’re exploring what Canada is doing to support the global nuclear sector—with a hope this will be a helpful snapshot for fellow advocates.
Nov 15, 20224 min
COP27: what it means for nuclear
We dive into three notable reasons why the conversations taking place at COP27 matter to the nuclear sector.
Nov 8, 20223 min
COP27: what you need to know
Despite accounting for just under 4% of GHG emissions, climate change will disproportionately affect the African continent.
Apr 11, 20222 min
Budget by the numbers: Canada's 2022 federal budget
Bringing you NII's annual “Budget by the numbers”⁠—a quick overview of how often the government is talking about key budget topics.
Nov 10, 20212 min
Carbon offsets, carbon markets and COP26: what you need to know
One set of terms that you’ve likely heard over the past week or so is “carbon offset”, “carbon credit” or “carbon markets”.
Nov 4, 20213 min
3 key actions to watch for at COP26 as the world navigates net zero
Taken together, significant action on these three fronts would make for a successful COP26 in principle.
Nov 1, 20212 min
“Nationally Determined Contributions” at COP26: what you need to know
COP26 is officially underway and the spotlight is on national leaders as they kick off two days of meetings part of the World Leaders Summit
Oct 27, 20213 min
“COP26”: what you need to know
We're cutting through the acronyms and reams of reporting to give you the essential info you need follow along
Oct 7, 20211 min
Bruce Power advances Net Zero 2027 commitments with local projects aimed at reducing GHG emissions
Through its Net Zero partnership with NII, Bruce Power will also be funding the development of carbon-offset projects in our local community
Jul 8, 20213 min
3ThoughtThursday – New director, EV report launch, Huron County
This week is a big week for the Clean Energy Frontier as we welcomed a brand-new director of the program to the team here at NII!
Jun 25, 20212 min
In conversation: Huron County and the Clean Energy Frontier
“This clean energy frontier will be good for all of us in this area and in the world moving forward." --Glen McNeil, Warden of Huron County
Jun 24, 20213 min
3ThoughtThursday – Nuclear & net zero, Indigenous youth, ultra-fast EV charging
Industry is talking about net zero, too. When it comes to net zero and the energy sector, nuclear has a critical role to play.
Jun 17, 20213 min
3ThoughtThursday – G7 talks climate, Texas grid, Bruce Power and sustainability
It was a big week for clean energy and climate change on the global stage with G7 leaders meeting in the UK this week.
Jun 10, 20213 min
3ThoughtThursday – Global CO2 levels, local hydrogen production, Huron Chamber
This week though, we got a sobering reminder of just how much work we need to do and how that work needs to start now.
Jun 3, 20212 min
3ThoughtThursday – Warden Hicks on net zero, Clean Air Day, local carbon offsets
From a conversation about clean energy to Clean Air Day to a great story about a local family offsetting their carbon footprint.
May 31, 20213 min
In conversation: Grey County and the Clean Energy Frontier
“Climate change doesn’t have these nice boundaries. It affects all of us.” That’s what Selwyn Hicks, Warden of Grey County, had to say...
May 27, 20213 min
3ThoughtThursday – Ford’s EV investment, net zero + transportation and commercial fleets
"This is our biggest opportunity for growth and value creation since Henry Ford started to scale the Model T..."

Chad Richards


Director, Centre for New Nuclear & Net Zero Partnerships

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