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Celebrating STEAM Day—the NII way!

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

November 8 is STEAM Day, where people of all ages and interests celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Here at the Nuclear Innovation Institute, we live and breathe STEAM topics every day—yup, even art!

So here are 5 things we’re thinking about (and think you should think about!) this November 8. Share with the STEAM fans in your life—and let us know on social media what you’re celebrating on STEAM Day using the hashtag #STEAMDay on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Small Modular Reactors Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) will play an important role as we work to reduce Canada’s carbon emissions. NII’s Bruce Power Centre for Next Generation Nuclear is launching some exciting projects to lead the way in SMR technology, policy and investment. The Centre is also exploring opportunities in hydrogen production and other new energy possibilities like fusion generation. Learn more about SMRs and how they will help shape a clean energy Canada.

Teaching: in NII Explore’s Coding Academy

The skills students learn from coding go far beyond plugging away at a computer—and are becoming increasingly important to working in our digital economy. NII Explore’s Coding Academy is currently in its second session—with classes like Intro to Coding, Scratch, Python, and a Girls Code program for all ages. While registration for this session is closed, stay tuned to our Instagram channel for an exciting announcement on upcoming coding programming.

Exploring STEAM topics

NII Explore delivers excitement and engagement with STEAM through online classes, hands-on workshops and exhibits, experiential learning, and collective projects. From NII’s Best Ever Summer Camp to the above-mentioned Coding Academy and beyond—we’re bringing STEAM Day to every day for youth in Bruce, Grey and Huron counties. Head over to Instagram to see what NII Explore is up to.

A Clean Energy Future

Here in the tri-county region of Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, we’re excited to work with some amazing partners on the Clean Energy Frontier. Our region’s expertise and strong local leadership plus the clean, reliable, Ontario-made energy produced here are essential parts of reducing Canada’s contributions to climate change. Learn more about the launch of the Clean Energy Frontier last month.


Nuclear medicine like medical isotopes are made right here in our region and shipped worldwide to do things like treat cancer, sterilize medical devices, and ensure our food is safe to eat. Get to know these powerful medical isotopes and how nuclear power generation makes Canada a medical isotope leader around the world.

Happy STEAM Day—today and every day!


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