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Clean Energy Frontier: building a bright future for Ontario starts right here in Bruce, Grey & Huron

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Like the rest of the world, Ontario has come face-to-face with two converging crises: it must rebuild strongly from the health and economic shock of COVID-19; and it needs to find a way to shift the economy to clean energy sources that can limit the worst effects of climate change.

The solution to both these challenges runs right through Bruce, Grey and Huron counties. As we seek innovative solutions for COVID-19 recovery and to combatting climate change, the region has an opportunity to build on existing strengths such as the production of reliable, carbon-free nuclear energy that powers homes and businesses across the province.

The three counties are essential contributors to building a clean, resilient future for Ontario. Getting that truth out to the rest of Ontario is the purpose behind the Clean Energy Frontier program being launched this month by the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII), with funding from Bruce Power and Bruce County.

“Our message to the rest of the province is simple: there’s no path to a net-zero emissions future—and there are no fully made-in-Ontario solutions for building a resilient economy—without the contributions made by the people and businesses of Bruce, Grey and Huron counties,” said NII CEO Bruce Wallace.

The Clean Energy Frontier program will take that case across the province, using digital storytelling, public education initiatives and more to showcase the dynamism and talent of this region to political, business and civil society leaders living elsewhere.

“The region has so much to offer and we want to help ensure that we protect what we have worked together to build,” said Mitch Twolan, Warden of the County of Bruce. “Clean energy is the future, and that future starts right here in Bruce County.”

The Clean Energy Frontier program is the successor to the Nuclear Economic Development and Innovation Initiative that was launched in September 2016 to encourage economic growth and investment in the region.

“Over the past four years, Bruce, Grey and Huron counties have risen to the challenge and built a strong, sustainable region with over 60 nuclear supply chain companies located here, creating hundreds of jobs and seeing a significant economic impact across our region,” said John Peevers, Bruce Power’s Director of Community, Media Relations and Economic Development.

“We couldn’t have done it without the commitment, passion and dedication of our regional partners and community leaders and we look forward to moving ahead with a program that will showcase the benefits this region brings to all of Ontario.”

The program will be led by Chad Richards, a Chesley native who brings a deep understanding of the region’s strengths—and of effective ways to communicate them. Chad has a Master’s degree in Political Management from Carleton University and experience in both the federal and provincial governments. Chad will work closely with local partners to develop engaging ways that show how the long-term benefits of the Bruce Power life-extension project—along with new energy sources like locally made hydrogen—can power Ontario’s economy while displacing the greenhouse gas emissions that come from burning fossil fuels.

“I look forward to working closely with all regional partners to gain their insight on how we can demonstrate to the rest of the province and country that Bruce, Grey and Huron counties are at the heart of a new ‘Clean Energy Frontier’,” said Chad Richards, Director of the Clean Energy Frontier Program.


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