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3ThoughtThursday – National Truth and Reconciliation Day

All three thoughts today are related to Truth and Reconciliation Day. If you were up early enough for the sunrise, you’ll agree with me: the sunrise was exceptionally beautiful on the first National Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Canada, we have so much work to do.

1) Saugeen Ojibway Nation has produced a video, below, described as “A brief introduction to the Saugeen Ojibway (SON), its culture, and a very brief, and not at all complete, history of the SON and its Territory.”

Dedicate 33 minutes of your day and listen. As a local resident who grew up in this region, I certainly learned more history of the land we call home.

We need to listen and learn.

2) I came across a collection of resources to help educate and inform gathered by the Town of Saugeen Shores. This collection of online resources and reading recommendations is a great place to start.

We need to listen and learn.

3) And a third collection of actions to consider: CBC has provided a compiled action list of ways to participate in Truth and Reconciliation Day. This link includes a mixture of videos, celebration of indigenous art and direction to where you can make a donation.

We need to listen and learn.

While I type this blog post, my three beautiful sons are making their lunches for school, feeding the dogs and pouring themselves cereal.

My kitchen bursts with squeals and laughterwhile I read about residential schools and the reality of Canada's Indigenous people.

I can’t help but reflect on the unbearable pain a mother would feel while her children were takentaken from their families, from their culture, from their routine and ritual, and literally taken from their mothers' arms. My heart is broken.

To our Indigenous friends, we are committed to listening and learning.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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