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3ThoughtThursday from the Clean Energy Frontier

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

It’s become a habit of mine—between video calls, that is—to fill breaks in my workday by catching up on the latest news on one of my favourite topics: the National Hockey League.

Like many Canadians who once aspired to make ‘The Show’, I can’t help but get caught up in the often-juicy news of who is getting traded where or which teams are playing above or below their potential—it’s just too good.

My source tends to be Elliotte Frideman’s 31 Thoughts column. Friedman is described in the business as an ‘insider’—a reporter with his ear to the ground on all the rumblings in the NHL. His 31 Thoughts column has therefore become a great way to get caught up on the latest breaking news and get the inside track on some of the newest developments around the league.

While I don’t claim to have nearly as impressive a network as Friedman, the work that the Clean Energy Frontier program is engaged in is connecting our region (Bruce, Grey, Huron) to a lot of fascinating conversations around clean energy and our future.

You deserve to have a look inside those conversations that will shape our future. That’s why we’re launching the Clean Energy Frontier’s 3ThoughtThursday.

This weekly column will provide you with three critical thoughts or pieces of news each week as it relates to our local clean energy story.

Long seen as outsiders (that place north of Toronto), we deserve an ‘insider’. That starts today.

Here it is… your inaugural 3ThoughtThursday.

1. Welcome to the Frontier, Hydrogen Optimized!

In early February we learned that the former Tenneco plant in Owen Sound, Ontario has a new occupant… and they hope to use this space to become a global leader in hydrogen production!

The Hydrogen Optimized facility in Owen Sound
Image credit: Hydrogen Optimized

Hydrogen Optimized, a Collingwood-based company, says that the facility will accelerate their plans to commercialize their RuggedCell electrolyser technology.

It was great to hear about Hydrogen Optimized’s goals and commitment to our region. This is yet another example of the clean energy opportunity we have here in the tri-county region!

Read Hydrogen Optimized’s news release on their website.

2. Connecting the region’s youth to clean energy opportunities

On Wednesday, the What’s Your 9 to 5 podcast dropped a brand-new episode featuring the Clean Energy Frontier program.

This podcast, targeted towards to youth in Bruce and Grey, gave us the opportunity to tell the region’s young people about the amazing number of high-quality jobs that will be available for years to come right here in our own backyard! Listen to the full podcast here or catch the highlights in the video, below.

3. Energy affordability: what lies ahead?

On Tuesday, February 17, the Pearson Centre hosted a conversation on the challenges related to energy affordability in Canada and how we move forward with an affordable clean energy transition.

The session highlighted several initiatives across the energy sector to simultaneously drive down carbon emissions and keep energy rates as affordable as possible.

For example, the Canadian Electricity Association is calling for a comprehensive electrification strategy from the federal government, the Canadian Fuels Association is engaged in the transition via hydrogen, biofuels, and LNG, and the Canadian Gas Association is also staking their claim as a helpful partner in a move to a clean energy economy.

The energy sector has been clear that the drive to net-zero will need to be a collective effort. This conversation underscores that point. Check out the full conversation on YouTube.

--Chad Richards is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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