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3ThoughtThursday – Economic impact of nuclear from the Clean Energy Summit

Welcome to December. The end of November was an exciting time in the Clean Energy Frontier. As I reflect on the week, I am grateful for the supportive team at NII and Bruce Power.

1) The Summit happened as a hybrid event on Monday November 29. We had close to 30 people inside the NII to support the broadcast, to speak at the event, to receive recognition and to document the event along the way. With Covid-19 protocols in place, the group acted as the live audience for the Summit while close to 150 people watched from their computers.

Big thank you to the team who pulled this together. Because of the extended team of speakers, tech support, content experts and communication professionals, our Clean Energy Innovation and Recovery Summit was a success.

It was a collaborative effort and the end result shows the power of working together, like we tend to do well in the Bruce, Grey and Huron region.

2) Economic impact study – for the last while I’ve mentioned this project to stakeholders (mostly because I’m hugely excited for data that can support an investment/economic development decision).

An overview of preliminary findings was shared at the Summit, including the following:

  • The nuclear industry is a very significant economic multiplier in the province of Ontario—Bruce Power and its nuclear supply chain boosted Ontario's GDP by more than $4 billion in 2020

  • 95% of the wealth created from Bruce Power’s operations stays in Ontario

  • Nuclear industry activity boosted household spending last year by $1.43 billion, the vast majority of which is spent in the tri-county region of Bruce, Grey and Huron counties

  • At least one Bruce Power employee lives in 260 communities

  • Bruce Power’s operations (direct and indirect) contribute $234 million to the municipal/regional tax base with most of this amount in the tri-county region

David Campbell from Jupia Consulting shares new findings about the economic impact of Bruce Power and its supply chain

Let those sink in for a minute. Actually, re-read those... and then understand this is only some of the data we’re unpacking as part of the Economic Impact Study.

The final report will be release publicly in the new year.

I can’t wait to get this data into the hands of elected officials and economic development professionals to support their strategic planning and their conversations with potential investors, builders and entrepreneurs.

3) Looking ahead to the next few weeks and into the new year. So the Summit has wrapped up and the survey has been sent. Certificates to six nuclear suppliers have been distributed and there is a renewed sense of collaboration and enthusiasm to drive change. Feels like holiday break to me, almost.

Over the next few weeks, the Clean Energy Frontier program will support even more ribbon cutting events in the tri-counties. New suppliers continue to land in the region and the Clean Energy Frontier program is ready to celebrate our shared commitment to a cleaner future.

In you missed the Summit and want to check it out, you can find the full recording below, from NII's YouTube channel.

For questions or comments relating to the Summit, please feel free to touch base. I’d love to hear from you. You can find me at


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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