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Nuclear Promise X and the Nuclear Innovation Institute sign agreement on Innovation Projects at NPXs

Kincardine, Ontario – October 28, 2019

Nuclear Promise X (NPX) today announced a new agreement with the Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) to facilitate innovation projects. 

The new agreement was announced during NPXs office expansion event in Kincardine, celebrating the opening of its second office location. NPX is a nuclear innovation startup, headquartered in Kincardine, currently employs over 30 staff locally and supports Bruce Power and other clients by incorporating innovative technologies and solutions into nuclear power plant projects and operations. The new NPX office is an open concept and collaboration-friendly space that has become a hub of innovation, industry collaboration, and community engagement.

The agreement will see NPX provide technical support to NII’s project process, from helping identify potential projects to developing and executing on the best ideas. NII is focused on projects in energy transformation, medical isotopes, environmental improvements and skills and knowledge development. 

 “NPX has proven our ability to deliver innovative projects at Bruce Power”, said Bharath Nangia, CEO of NPX. “We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to apply our start-up mindset to the initiatives under NII which will bring so much added value to the next generation nuclear industry.” 

 “We’re looking forward to working collaboratively with NPX, drawing on their experience and expertise to facilitate and support our innovation teams,” said Bruce Wallace, President and CEO of NII. “Innovation happens when great ideas meet a powerful process for turning them into action. NPX gives us the capacity to do that.” 

About Nuclear Promise X

Nuclear Promise X is a Canadian startup with a refreshing view on innovation. They integrate the latest emerging tools and technology into nuclear plant operations, projects and processes. As a group of creative nuclear professionals, they build innovation in everything they do. NPX believes in nuclear energy as a key tool to fight climate change, and are looking to do their part in making it even more sustainable. 

Visit NPX at About the Nuclear Innovation Institute 

The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) is Canada’s leading-edge nuclear applied research facility located on the shores of Lake Huron in the heart of rural Ontario. NII will inspire innovative solutions to some of the biggest challenges of our time, leading people to reimagine nuclear’s role in the future of energy, health and the environment. For more information contact:

NPX – Bharath Nangia, President & CEO

Nuclear Innovation Institute – Bruce Wallace, President & CEO


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