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NII Projects in a Covid World

Focusing on what matters now

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global health and economic calamity. It has altered personal priorities and broken business models. It changed behaviour, severed long-standing connections and upended assumptions about the future - for people, businesses and governments.

Though it’s too early to predict what kind of world will emerge from the coronavirus upheaval, it is safe to assume life will not simply return to what it was. We’re in new territory.

The Covid-19 crisis has clearly altered priorities in the nuclear industry and the broader economy. NII will match that shift. Our project process was established to accommodate the need for fluidity, iteration and, above all, to move swiftly. Going forward, NII will look to develop project ideas that have immediate impact on:

  • solving the challenges of construction work in a Covid-19 world by finding new ways to keep workers safe and healthy;

  • reducing costs and improving speed for on-going infrastructure projects;

  • re-tooling supply chains; and

  • enhancing medical isotope production and distribution.

During the crisis, the nuclear industry has demonstrated its essential role in a functioning society, whether by generating electricity, providing radioisotopes for medical treatments and sterilized hospital equipment, or by responding to urgent manufacturing needs for protective equipment and other life-saving products. Customers could count on nuclear’s reliability, even as they grappled with radical change in their own lives and businesses.

The nuclear industry is therefore well-positioned to support the battle against this persistent health threat, as well as to lead in the economic reconstruction that begins now.

It is a challenge that demands innovation - at breakneck speed - to overcome every obstacle and problem.

The Nuclear Innovation Institute was established for that very purpose: to accelerate the pace of innovation in the nuclear industry. The NII was built to tackle real-world problems with new technologies, fresh ideas and creative thinking, just the mix required to solve immediate problems and help shape the world that emerges on the other side of the pandemic.

The Nuclear Innovation Institute has pledged to drive “New Thinking for a New Nuclear Era.” That age is upon us. New thinking has never been needed more.


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