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Dr. Eric Johnston joins NII to run innovation projects

We’re very excited to welcome Eric Johnston to the NII, where he takes charge of our innovation projects starting today. As Chief Innovation Officer, Eric will lead NII and its partners in shaping good ideas into great projects and building the teams of experts to carry them out.

Eric comes to us from a leading Canadian nuclear start-up and brings just what we need to drive innovation in our industry: an entrepreneurial mentality, an eclectic knowledge of nuclear issues from isotopes to radiation exposure, comfort with emerging technologies, and experience in funding projects with academic and government partners that include the U.S. Department of Defense and the Canadian Space Agency. He has a PhD in Health/Medical Physics from McMaster and a nuclear engineering undergraduate background from Queen’s.

In addition to his knowledge in nuclear, Eric plays trombone and piano (in that order of skill) and has performed in pit bands for musicals. At 6’8” tall he immediately becomes the tallest person at NII (that’s 203 cm if you’re counting in metric), having disappointed his high school basketball and volleyball coaches by competing nationally for Team Ontario in racquetball as a teenager. He still plays.

Eric’s arrival makes NII fully ready to engage in innovation projects. An independent, not-for-profit based in beautiful Saugeen Shores, Ontario, NII focuses, among other things, on improving energy generation, finding new applications for medical isotopes, and lightening the environmental impact of energy use on our land, air and water.

You can find out more about our project process at, and Eric’s LinkedIn profile is here:


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