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Canada’s first-ever feasibility study on the case for nuclear hydrogen production now underway

NII to explore potential for hydrogen demonstration plant in Bruce County

The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) has launched a new study into the role of nuclear power in supporting a growing hydrogen economy. The study will be the first of its kind in Canada to evaluate the technical viability and business case for hydrogen production from emissions-free nuclear power.

Work on the study will be led by Arcadis, supported by NII and project partners Bruce Power and Greenfield Global.

“Hydrogen is poised to play a key role in a net-zero future,” said David Campbell, Director of NII’s Bruce Power Centre for Next Generation Nuclear. “This project will provide a unique exploration of how nuclear power can provide the clean, affordable hydrogen that Ontario will need to continue decarbonizing our economy.”

The project continues the Centre’s research into the potential for hydrogen production and use in Ontario. Hydrogen holds remarkable promise as a source of clean energy with diverse applications and is projected by industry observers to become an increasingly important energy resource in the coming decades. This study will investigate the viability of a local pilot project to demonstrate the economics of the technology, in preparation for the rapid growth of the hydrogen economy.

The study builds on other local work, such as that done through the Bruce Innovates project, to explore the significant benefits a hydrogen project could bring to the region. These benefits include new export opportunities, new trade partnerships between local vendors, and the creation of high-paying jobs. Governments at all levels will also benefit from the study as they execute their own hydrogen strategies.

Bruce County is well positioned to advance the hydrogen economy due to its existing energy expertise, geographic advantages, and natural resources. This project will be another step in building the region’s reputation as the Clean Energy Frontier—a place where government and private sector alike forge the path to a net-zero future.

“Arcadis is honored to conduct this study on behalf of the Centre and its partners, and to play a part in driving green energy forward,” said Dr. Doug Chambers, vice president at Arcadis.

He added: “Hydrogen is a key component in designing sustainable solutions and exploring its potential will help propel a larger transition toward a net-zero emissions economy that works for future generations.”

"As the leading producer of low-carbon transportation fuel in Canada, we are delighted to explore the potential of making clean hydrogen in a joint venture with Bruce Power, which provides clean, low-cost electricity to every third home, hospital and business across Ontario,” said Howard Field, CEO of Greenfield Global. “Our two companies have been neighbours and proud corporate citizens of Bruce County for over 30 years.”

“Thanks to Bruce Power and the nuclear industry, Ontario has a deeply decarbonized electricity system,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO.

He added: “We can leverage that system as a competitive advantage to attract new investment in innovation and to decarbonize other sectors of the economy through the production and use of hydrogen as a clean fuel alternative.”

The Bruce Power Centre for Next Generation Nuclear is a think tank created to study the future of hydrogen, small modular reactors (SMRs) and fusion energy and understand how these technologies can be leveraged to achieve a net-zero economy.

For more of the Centre’s research into hydrogen, visit our website.


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