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Bruce County Adopts Trades And Skilled Workforce Secretariat Action Plan As Part Of NII

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Bruce County has adopted an action plan for the Trades and Skilled Workforce Secretariat, a key part of the Nuclear Innovation Institute’s (NII) Talent Development and Training Coordination Hub.

“Adopting the action plan gives the Secretariat a clear mandate to raise awareness around trades and skilled workforce in local schools, expand training opportunities locally, and connect future labour market supply with industry and union leaders that will require a steady supply of skilled labour for the next 20 years and beyond,” said Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan.

Operating within the NII, the Secretariat was established in response to the significant current and projected increase in demand for trades and skilled labour in the Bruce, Grey and Huron region over the next several years. The Secretariat aims to bring together industry leaders and local organizations to help coordinate resources and raise awareness on future labour market opportunities in the region. The Trades and Skilled Workforce Secretariat is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

 “We are pleased to have a plan adopted by Bruce County Council that supports the NII’s priority to enhance education and raise awareness about the opportunities available in trades and skilled labour in our region,” said NII President Frank Saunders.  “The Secretariat is an important part of achieving this outcome.”

The action plan describes 27 key initiatives across eight themes that will be carried out in connection with local school boards, community colleges, universities and industry. Focal areas include:

1. Raising the awareness of trades and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to young people so they are aware of the great career opportunities that are available;

2. Working with underrepresented populations promoting pathways into the trades and STEAM fields; and

3. Collecting and compiling data on the vast local resources, providing a focal point for information of what is available in the region.

The action plan was developed by engaging industry partners, unions and public sector organizations over the last several months. This includes gathering feedback from more than 100 stakeholders at the Regional Skilled Trades Advancement forum on March 29. The action plan is a true reflection of the regions’ collective interests and a plan that can be embraced by the region as one that was developed by the region, for the region.

For more information on the Trades and Skilled Workforce Secretariat contact:

Pierre Valley, Talent Development Officer, Nuclear Innovation Institute,

About the Nuclear Innovation Institute:

The NII will bring together technological leaders to share collective expertise and knowledge, while identifying opportunities to advance nuclear applications and technologies, as well as people skills through training.


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