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3ThoughtThursday – Westinghouse opening, Tech Network, being present

Let’s wrap up the year with rest and laughter. I’ll be spending the rest of my working time shining up my 2022 workplan and closing out 2021 projects.

Although I’m sure I’ll have three thoughts next Thursday, I don’t plan on sharing them too broadly. I can almost predict my three thoughts next week will be something like: candy canes, wrapping paper, more Christmas music, please.

1) Westinghouse has joined the Clean Energy Frontier region!

With locations in Bruce and Huron counties, Westinghouse is coming with a clear commitment to support net zero.

“Westinghouse continues to leverage our innovative solutions and growing local CANDU expertise to help Canada reach net zero by 2050,” said Edouard Saab, President of Westinghouse Canada.

Congratulations and welcome! You can read more about the celebration on our website.

2) Christmas has come early to tech-minded professionals in Bruce and Grey counties.

In case you missed it, Catapult Grey Bruce has launched a tech network right here at home.

Catapult Grey Bruce's space at Sydenham Campus (Credit: Catapult)

This group is being formed to bring like minds together, creating an opportunity for collaboration and a platform to celebrate the brilliant work being done.

There is no shortage of tech professionals in our backyard.

In Grey Bruce we have firms from around the world and brilliant entrepreneurs who are building tools for the future.

Formalizing this tech network is a welcome step in supporting local business and promoting collaboration.

The clean energy sector has an opportunity to join this group and benefit from the conversation. If you’re looking to be involved, you can join the network for free through an online form:

3) My holiday wish for you is to recognize time and be present with those you love. I’ve spent a lot of very present time in the past few weeks playing multiple rounds of Connect Four with my six-year-old son (and he’s really good at it).

The 20 minutes of sitting on the living room floor with him are the best 20 minutes of my day. I can see his little mind working out the “what if you go here” and we chat about the upcoming holidays. He uses this time to tell me all about his letter to Santa—he is strategic, like his Mama.

Have a very merry Christmas and I look forward to continuing our good work in the new year.

The Clean Energy Frontier Program has an exciting workplan lined up and I’m looking forward to launching wonderful work in 2022… maybe I’ll win a game of Connect Four over the holidays.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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