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Science hits the road again this summer with NII Explore

Hands-on lessons delivered at markets, libraries and events around Bruce, Grey and Huron

NII Explore instructors Annika Van Veen, Hoda Faddah and Luke McBride are bringing fun, interactive learning to rural students this summer.

Whether it’s programming a friendly robot, constructing a massive marble run, or laser cutting a custom-drawn wooden butterfly, NII Explore’s Science in the Summer is back for its second summer of fun.

Sponsored by Bruce Power and Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO), the program’s team of knowledgeable, high-energy instructors are bringing hands-on learning to students of all ages around Bruce, Grey and Huron counties.

NII ExploreZone Passport

This year the team has doubled their number of events, with a whole new lineup of adventures—including the 2022 NII ExploreZone Passport: kids and teens can collect stamps by participating in Science in the Summer activities this summer—for a chance to win amazing tech prizes at the Nuclear Innovation Institute’s SWERVE event in September!

Here’s how:

  1. Visit the NII Explore Science in the Summer booth in July and August to get a passport.

  2. After students complete one of NII Explore’s five (5) STEM activities throughout the summer, they will get a stamp on their passport for each.

  3. Once they have all five stamps, students can bring passports to SWERVE, happening September 9-11 at the Southampton Coliseum—where they will get their final stamp and will be entered to win!

To find out where the NII Explore team is each week, check out the full list of events at—and follow along on Instagram @NIIExplore or Facebook @OntarioNII.

Last summer the NII Explore team delivered hands-on STEM activities to more than 1,000 students across the region, visiting day camps, libraries, museums, markets and more.

“In 2021, the response was phenomenal, so we knew we wanted to come back even bigger this year,” said Phillip Craig, Director of NII Explore. “Partnering with the Bruce County Public Library, local recreation departments, as well as markets and festivals, we are ready to bring some super fun STEM activities to people of all ages across Bruce, Grey, and Huron counties.”

“We’re very excited to sponsor the Science in the Summer program,” said Dwight Irwin, Bruce Power’s Manager of Community Relations. “We encourage children of all ages to take part in these fun-filled education opportunities throughout the region with NII Explore this summer.”

“The NWMO recognizes the importance of supporting education in science and technology to foster the innovation of tomorrow,” said Tareq Al-Zabet, NWMO Director of Site Selection – South Bruce. “Thank you to NII Explore for delivering this program with creativity and energy to children across the region this summer. It is our pleasure to contribute to this important work.”

NII Explore is a program dedicated to delivering enhanced educational opportunities for school-aged children to learn, experiment, discover and create. NII Explore’s educational programming offers a range of learning styles that connects students to the best teaching and knowledge available.

Learn more at and join the conversation on Instagram @NIIExplore and Facebook @OntarioNII.


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