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3ThoughtThursday – Remembering, here in the Clean Energy Frontier

This week’s 3 Thought Thursday boils down to one thought with many layers: Remembrance Day.

1) We live in a safe place. This isn’t something to take for grantedand once a year isn’t enough to reflect on the fortune of safety.

2) We have access to clean water and food. Walking in and out of a grocery store, stocked with necessities and extras truly is a luxury.

3) We have freedom. Freedom to choose where we live, who we live with, where we go and how we spend our time.

Quite frankly, it’s difficult to imagine a life without safety, security, protection and freedom.

Because if it weren't for these key layers underpinning our lives, many of the conversations we have here in the Clean Energy Frontierabout choosing electric vehicles, reducing carbon emissions, and exploring new clean energy technologies—would be that much more difficult, if not impossible.

So let’s reflect on our freedom and practice gratitude for those who have and continue to make sacrifices to protect us.

To our parents, grandparents, great grandparents who served, and to our childhood friends who have signed up to serve our country: thank you.

We remember.


Jessica Linthorne is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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