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3ThoughtThursday – Laveer joins the Frontier, equality matters, and Ontario Farmer talks nuclear

Last week, we celebrated Huron County Council’s support for the Clean Energy Frontier. I was very excited to see how engaged and interested Council was in the goals and vision of the Clean Energy Frontier program and their commitment to staking the region’s claim as a leader in clean energy and the drive toward a net-zero carbon future.

That’s why this week it was so great to share the news that Laveer Engineering has established a local presence in Huron County. Laveer’s presence in the region is further proof that Bruce, Grey, and Huron are truly Canada’s Clean Energy Frontier!

Let's jump right in…

1. Laveer Engineering joins the Clean Energy Frontier

We are very excited to add Laveer Engineering to the incredible network of clean energy companies operating in the Clean Energy Frontier region. Laveer’s 10,000 square foot facility in Wingham will support their ongoing work with Bruce Power and will see a team of project managers, engineers and technologists conduct advanced engineering and testing work and life cycle management activities.

Laveer Engineering’s Director, Peter Gowthorpe said the following about Laveer’s excitement to have a local presence and their commitment to the region:

Laveer is excited to be part of the Clean Energy Frontier region. Having a base of operation in Wingham allows us to service Bruce Power more efficiently while supporting the local economy. Being present is critical to our business and has already proved to be valuable. During our recent Major Component Replacement double fuel channel removal activities, we were able to quickly access the equipment needed to ensure work could continue efficiently.”

Welcome to the Frontier, Laveer!

2. International Women’s Day: maintaining momentum

On Monday, March 8, the world celebrated International Women’s Day 2021—a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world.

I want to use today’s post to amplify this message. If you have not yet, you need to read a recent blog post from my incredible colleague, Susie Ho, linked here.

Susie’s post discusses:

  • The outstanding achievements made by women over the course of the past year

  • Actions for equality and the economic empowerment of women

  • Best practices for men to be constructive allies in our fight towards a gender equal world.

Locally, our region has a history of trailblazing women. The great Agnes Macphail, the first ever female Member of Parliament, proudly represented our region. In 1965, Tessie Greig of Lion’s Head was elected as the first woman to serve as Warden of Bruce County. Today, Warden Janice Jackson follows in her footsteps and serves in this prestigious role.

For our part at the Clean Energy Frontier program, I am proud to say that women comprise 54% of the Clean Energy Frontier program’s regional steering committee.

This committee informs the work of our program and I truly appreciate having the ability to draw on the experiences and insights of an impressive group of women who make our local communities proud every day.

3. Clean energy article in Ontario Farmer

Regular readers of the publication Ontario Farmer may have been surprised when flipping through the paper recently to find an article titled “Nuclear energy can be a big part of climate change plan.”

The article, available only in the print edition of the publication, is written by Dr. James Hansen, Director of the Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program at Columbia University.

Simply the presence of an article such as this—from a leading advocate like Dr. Hansen—in a publication geared toward the agricultural community, is telling. It represents a sentiment that has existed for some time now that the Clean Energy Frontier program is quite keen on turning into action: clean energy and agriculture want to work together, and it is imperative that they do.

From conversations around carbon sequestration and soil regeneration, to those around cleaner fuels and practices, and even those around land use planning and power density, these two industries are not disjointed, and we look forward to our continued dialogue, which is already turning into action.

--Chad Richards is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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