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3ThoughtThursday – Global CO2 levels, local hydrogen production, Huron Chamber

On a weekly basis, this blog discusses stories about the Bruce, Grey, Huron region and our connection to the global effort to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

These stories are generally positive and reference government targets, policy changes, and local efforts to contribute to net-zero. This week though, we got a sobering reminder of just how much work we need to do and how that work needs to start now.

Let’s start with that thought…

1. Global CO2 sees highest levels in four million years

This week, we learned that the world has reached a new milestone when it comes to atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Using geological evidence that has been collected over the past 60-years, research suggests that this year’s peak level appears to be the highest it has been in more than 4.5 million years.

This is a stark finding that underlines the importance of working together now to get projects underway that will reduce our carbon emissions levels as we strive for net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

The need for immediate action was highlighted by Bruce Power’s James Scongack at a Toronto Region Board of Trade event earlier this week titled: Nuclear and the Net-Zero Future. At that discussion, Scongack stated that “we are losing the fight against climate change right now. We have to turn from talk to action” He went on to state that we must turn from policy discussions to projects. And, nuclear has a key role to play in providing emissions-free electricity, it’s potential role in producing green hydrogen, and more.

2. Centre for Next Generation Nuclear launches hydrogen feasibility study

Hot off the press this morning! The NII’s Bruce Power Centre for Next Generation Nuclear announced that they have launched Canada’s first-ever feasibility study on the case for nuclear hydrogen production.

The study will build on work that has already been conducted in the region like the Bruce Innovates project to explore the benefits of a local hydrogen project. As the release states: “Bruce County is well positioned to advance the hydrogen economy due to its existing expertise, geographic advantages, and natural resources. This project will be another step in building the region’s reputation as the Clean Energy Frontier – a place where government and private sector alike forge the path to a net zero future.”

This is a very exciting project for our region, for the clean energy industry and for our collective efforts to reach net zero. We’re excited to see the results of this study!

3. Bruce Power supports Huron Chamber of Commerce

This week, Bruce Power announced that they have teamed up with the Huron Chamber of Commerce – Goderich, Central and North Huron to open a rapid COVID-19 test distribution centre for small and medium sized local businesses.

This centre, which has been operating since mid-May provides free rapid test kits to local businesses so that they can quickly ensure that staff members are not carrying the COVID-19 virus. Bruce Power has donated $15,000, 1,000 masks, and 500 litres of hand sanitizer to support the project.

As John Peevers, Director of Community and Media Relations, and Economic Development said: “There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and through on-site rapid testing and increased vaccination numbers, we will hopefully soon put it behind us.”

For more information on the distribution centre, visit


Chad Richards is the Director of the Clean Energy Frontier.


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