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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

NII Explore is a program dedicated to delivering enhanced educational opportunities for school-aged children to learn, experiment, discover and create.


NII Explore supports inclusive, accessible programming and initiatives across multiple platforms and various streams of knowledge. This includes science, technology, engineering and math as well as nuclear-related learning. It also incorporates elements of design and entrepreneurship, conservation and storytelling.


NII Explore delivers through online classes, hands-on workshops and exhibits, experiential learning, and collective projects that connect NII’s explorers to engaging, high-quality teaching and knowledge.


NII Explore is targeted primarily at students living in, or in close proximity to, the Grey, Bruce, Huron region and local indigenous communities. The program can also be extended to deliver innovative learning opportunities provincially or nationally.


NII Explore stimulates people to push boundaries, embrace new knowledge and experiences, and to acquire the tools that enable positive change in their communities and the world.



NII develops its programming in cooperation with respected educational providers and partners in academia, philanthropic foundations and the private sector. Its portfolio of initiatives is built upon the following principles:


  • A primary focus on delivering programs to students in or in close proximity to the Grey, Bruce and Huron regions. 

  • NII’s educational programs should be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Wherever possible, they should be free to students.

  • NII courses, workshops, lectures and programs should be innovative in their content, engaging in presentation, and adhere to the highest pedagogical standards.

  • NII’s educational programming will offer a mix of hands-on, experiential learning, and distance learning that connects students -wherever they are - to the best teaching and knowledge available.

NII will consider partnerships with the following entities to deliver programming:  accredited academic institutions; private sector companies with expertise in education; philanthropic foundations; indigenous communities; and individuals with particular experience in educational programming.


If you are interested in partnering with NII on educational programs, contact for more information.

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