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Advancing knowledge and practises in the nuclear industry to help the world transition to a clean energy future.

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Climate change. New technologies. The digital revolution.


Powerful forces are remaking the way we capture, use and think about energy.


NII’s Focus Area for Energy Transformation helps drive that change.


As a platform for innovation in the nuclear industry.

As a place where fresh thinking and new technologies can make Canada a global leader in clean energy.

As an advocate for public awareness on the energy issues shaping society.


We solicit and generate ideas for innovative projects that make nuclear power generation smarter, even safer, less expensive and better for the environment.

We convene and connect companies, researchers and new technology providers to turn clean energy ideas into new ways to work.

We are a neutral party, ensuring projects run successfully.

We promote the results of our work, providing a strong voice on the shift to a clean energy future.

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