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Bruce, Grey and Huron counties

are leading the way to a clean energy economy.

Building on our strength in nuclear energy.

Exploring new sources of clean energy like hydrogen power.

Producing the medical isotopes that diagnose illnesses and treat cancer.

Lights on!

We’re home to Bruce Power, the world’s largest operating nuclear power plant, supplying 30% of Ontario’s electricity - at 30% less than the average cost of residential power. We deliver power to the most populated parts of the province.


Ontario's economy

The $13 billion, privately funded Bruce Power life-extension program will inject $4 billion into Ontario’s economy. About 480 companies do business with Bruce Power, creating 22,000 jobs and building a supply chain of companies that runs across Ontario.

We're growing.


We’re spending $100 million to improve roads and recreational facilities, while building 10,000 new homes in our region.

Clean air.


Our clean electricity allowed Ontario to stop burning coal, making smog days a thing of the past. The Bruce Power life-extension will supply that carbon-free power until 2064.

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