What is an innovation institute?

Innovation is about staying relevant, particularly in a time of unprecedented change. It is the introduction of something new that can transform the way we  undertake certain activities or engage in certain processes.  Research and collaboration lead to innovation. An innovation institute brings researchers and thought leaders together with industry to develop and implement new ideas in order to sustain and grow a specific sector or industry.

What is the Nuclear Innovation Institute?

The Nuclear Innovation Institute (NII) is an international centre of excellence for applied research, training coordination and business innovation. Located on the shores of Lake Huron alongside the world’s largest nuclear operator, Bruce Power, the NII will bring together industry and municipal leaders to use their collective expertise and knowledge to identify opportunities to advance new technologies and applications in the nuclear industry, related industries and the municipal sector.

Why are we establishing NII?

The nuclear industry plays a critical role in contributing to the vibrancy of Ontario’s economy, and it must advance and adapt to new technologies in order to help ensure that Ontario is a competitive and attractive place for investment — and being an affordable and clean place to live.

NII will seize the opportunity the nuclear industry faces today by changing the way we do business, advancing our analytical and digital technologies to adopt a modernized approach that will make operations more efficient, adaptable and cost-effective. NII will contribute to environmental sustainability, build our understanding and awareness of the local impacts of global warming, and identify practical, sustainable solutions to minimizing these effects.

NII will bring together key partners in the public and private sectors to ensure we move collectively on the path to long-term success.

What type of work will be done out of NII?

NII will facilitate and coordinate innovation teams that will bring together academia, technological experts, industry leaders, and end users to collaboratively develop sustainable solutions to business challenges while creating efficiencies in existing operations — and identifying new opportunities fothe future of nuclear.

Designed as a collaboration space, NII will also provide opportunities to advance public sector solutions, and capitalize on the expertise and knowledge that NII will bring to the area. NII will also connect youth and under-employed workers to new and innovative careers.

Our Team

Frank Saunders, President

Stellina Williams, Executive Director

Johane Lemay, Chief Information Officer

Pierre Valley, Talent Development Officer